I started using a 35 mm camera when I was about 10 years old. Since then I have been in love with photography. In the 90s I started learning audio recording and just recently began using digital video and filmmaking for ethnographic documentation and creative expression. I also use digital storytelling methods and create electronic media. Beyond words, I believe photos, sound, and film communicate different and often deeper meanings of life, land and culture. Here's a sampling of my multimedia work.
The Cultural Conservancy media products display: film -- The Salt Song Trail - Bringing Creation Back Together and musical CD Songscapes of Native America with native seeds and corn.
Media training at Taos Pueblo with Shirley Trujillo and daughter
iMovie editing with Yurok student Crystal Richardson
Melissa with Shoshone elder Corbin Harney, 2001
Colin Farish with HD Camera and fig-rig